Intrado Announces Innovative Wearable 911 Panic Button, Part of the Intrado Safety Suite Solution for Schools and Enterprises

October 19, 2022

Building on its history of public safety advances, and leveraging its extensive 911 network and infrastructure experience, Intrado empowers teachers and other professionals with this potentially life-saving device

ISLANDIA, N.Y., Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intrado Corporation (“Intrado”), a global leader in technology-enabled services, today announced an innovative wearable safety device featuring a customizable panic button with unrivaled redundancy, precise location identification data, and detailed incident information. The badge-sized device is part of Intrado’s Safety Suite Solution, an end-to-end incident management tool for K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and businesses of all types.

Upon activation, Intrado Safety Suite instantly transmits the device location and incident details to the correct 911 emergency communications center (ECC) while simultaneously notifying administrators and staff. Additional features deliver a thoroughly modern approach to wearable safety devices:

  • Triple redundancy (Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, and Cellular/LTE) for 100% coverage on or off campus
  • Dual SIM cards for enhanced Cellular/LTE connectivity
  • Programmable to differentiate the type of incident and response required
  • Instantly initiate building or campus lockdowns and easily cancel false alarms
  • Haptic device with synced vibration across all connected wearables
  • Daily device health checks performed by Intrado with status updates available via a dashboard system
  • Commercial-grade battery requires only one charge per year

Intrado Safety Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions that address incident prevention, response, and recovery for complete risk management. It encompasses Enterprise E911; unified alerts over IP-based screens, alerts, sirens, and other endpoints; mass notifications; visitor management; reunification; and more. In addition to the wearable device, the Safety Suite panic button is also available in desktop, mobile, and mounted versions, all of which can be configured to provide specific event details including whether the emergency is a fire, medical, active shooter, or other type of incident. In K-12 settings, the benefits extend beyond the school grounds to include daily transportation, field trips, or athletic and other events that occur off-campus.

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“Many solution providers claim to save emergency responders’ time—which can undoubtedly save lives,” said Jeff Robertson, President of Intrado Life & Safety. “But very few are as uniquely positioned as Intrado to help locate emergencies and expedite responses. Thanks to our Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database, connectivity to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), and extensive 911 infrastructure, we can automatically share the critical data first responders want and need even before a 911 call is answered.”

With Intrado Safety Suite, PSAPs can immediately access school information including emergency contacts, floor plans, video feeds, and more. Additionally, Safety Suite can pinpoint exact call locations within a larger campus and receive details about what kind of incident response is needed without triangulating multiple systems to obtain the critical data needed to quickly dispatch the appropriate response. The solution enables schools to conduct drills, address reunification needs, digitize SOPs and checklists, and fully comply with Alyssa’s Law requirements.

To learn more about how Safety Suite and the new Wearable 911 Panic Button can help organizations reduce risk and respond quickly to any type of emergency, visit

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